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196 Productions / 196 Broadcast have been producing broadcast standard programmes and providing broadcasters such as the BBC and satellite television with camera crews and editing facilities for many years.

Although based in Cardiff, 196 Productions supplies crews and cameramen not only nationwide but worldwide, and its crews and most up to date recording and editing, visual and audio equipment, is also in demand for corporate videos.

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The following are some of their Gardens and Gardening titles:-


The first in a new series on specific plants and groups. This video contains the first two television programmes just shown in the UK. The Plant files open up the wonderful world of plants to everyone. It is a series which is brimming over with beautifully photographed plants. Introduced by Terry Underhill and Frances Donovan who bring you the stories behind the plants, some you will know - some most definitely will surprise you. Terry and Frances explain how man-made habitats can imitate nature and thus allow a wider range of plants to be grown in your garden. In this compilation - Volume 1 - Terry looks at winter colour and talks to plant enthusiast Rose Clay about Ilex (Hollies), Euonymus (Spindle Bushes), Daphnes and Hellebores. Terry also visits the gardens of the Pines in Devon and Pine Lodge in Cornwall. In her ‘Plant Portraits’ Frances covers Garrya, Drimys winteri (Winter Bark), Galanthus (Snowdrops), Helleborus foetidus (Stinking Hellebore), Ranunculus ficaria (Lesser Celandine) , a Narcissus and an early flowering Rhododendron.  60 minutes. PRICE 

From the grandest of castles to the tiniest of courtyards, we all love the sights, sounds and smells of the garden. Almost three and a half thousand enthusiastic gardeners now open their gardens for the National Garden Scheme Charitable Trust, pleasing countless visitors and contributing much needed funds to a number of charities. Each video contains two programmes from the British TV series . Gardeners Views. . These programmes are presented by the owners themselves who give a unique insight into the creation of their gardens.

*There are four volumes, each video covers 10 gardens and runs for 50 minutes Some sections of these programmes have appeared in our previous titles - Gardens of England and Wales Volumes 1 to 3. PRICE

Hostile pressures on the countryside mean the garden has become more important. If you put all the gardens in the UK together it would make the largest refuge in the country for wildlife, making a place for plants, for animals, for insects where they can hide, where they can breed. We can all do our bit to help nature. Most people think that to create a wildlife garden you just need to leave it alone and just let it go to nature, but it needs to be planned, it needs to be managed. This programme features gardeners who have successfully integrated the needs of wildlife and their designs. It contains spectacular plant and wildlife photography.  49 minutes. PRICE


SINGLE VIDEO    VHS/PAL        £10.99 + £2.00 p&p

                               VHS/NTSC     £12.99 +£4.00 p&p

                               VHS/SECAM  £12.99 + £4.00 p&p 

  SPECIAL OFFER - Gardeners' Views (set of 4) 

                                VHS/PAL        £35.00 + £3.00 p&p

                                VHS/NTSC     £38.00 + £6.00 p&p

                                 VHS/SECAM £38.00 + £6.00 p&p

Please use the E-mail link below to contact 196 Productions. 

 E-Mail - 196 Productions

 196 Productions produces videos about the coast, plants and gardens. Their crews use widescreen DigiBeta and SX and edit on an AVID NLE broadcast system.