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Activities    Alpines    Annuals    Autumn 

Terry Underhill                   







This page lists the main categories under which  images are catalogued. 

Fairlight Collection 

Activities   Alpines   Annuals    Autumn Colour   Bark   Bedding    Bog & Water    Buildings & Structures    Bulbs    Climbers    Disorders    Ecuador    Edible crops    Equipment & Apparatus    Ethiopia    Evergreens    Features    Fruits - berries    Garden layouts     Glasshouse  plants     Ground cover    Herbaceous    Herbs    India    Mediterranean    Morris dancing    Mountain views    Operation - Jobs    Orchids    Rhododendrons    Scenery    Sunrises & Sunsets    Tender    Trees    Wild - UK


Plant World collection - wide range of the world's flowers


Pratt collection - show Fuchsias and Pelargoniums


Spilliford collection - Butterflies and garden natural history