Terry Underhill                

LECTURES - with a lifetime's interest in gardening and natural history, and a large selection of slides backed by a good private library  and  comprehensive notes and catalogued leaflets, I am able to lecture on a wide range of topics. Recent topics covered are:- Alpines from Ecuador, Spring in South Africa, The Fynbos, Namibia and Botswana, Mountain plants of Crete, Waterwise gardening, Gardening -Yesterday-Today and Tomorrow, The Travelling gardener, Hellebores, Dolomites, Tiger hunting and more in India, Naturalist in Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Mediterranean friends, The Pontic Alps, Bulley - plant hunter sponsor and Ness Gardens,  Ancient trees, Ape to Attenborough, Autumn propagation, Being a Tour Leader, California, Caucasus, Both sides of the Caucasus, Geogia, Gotland, Lapland, Making a Gardener & Naturalist, Picos Mts, Pyrenees, Sea of Cortez, Slovenia, S.W European Plants, A Break in the Tien Shan,  Plant propagation, Iran - a plantsman adds a little culture, Autumn Garden, Winter garden

NB In recent years I have commenced building up a library of digital pictures, the majority also converted for digital projection. I am now able to offer a number of lectures,  using digital projection, the majority of which are related to the numerous natural history based trips I have been on since the turn of the century.